The 5 Best 3/4 Compression Tights for Men

Man holding a jump rope in 3/4 capri leggings outdoors

For any piece of clothing, you’re going to purchase; there is always a style preference that goes into that decision. With ¾ compression pants or Capri-style tights, they are an excellent way to accomplish both the functionality in the wear of compression gear, but also a great way to flex some style while working out. It’s the ideal combination of both form and fashion. They are perfect for wearing in most exercise and daily living situations:

  • Lifting and working out in the gym
  • Going for a run or morning jog
  • Use as bottom layering material when it gets cold (wear pants or shorts on top)
  • Excellent style piece to add to your wardrobe
  • Wear for comfort and relaxation

As you can see, they are a versatile piece of compression apparel that I feel is an essential piece of clothing to include in your wardrobe. They can be used and worn in many different ways. The challenge now is to find the best ¾ compression tights for you. We came across and researched several tights that might be suited for you.

Compression Pants Vs. “Capri-Style” ¾ Compression Leggings

Something I just wanted to get out of the way and mention before we dive into the list is the difference in use and wear between the two types of leggings. The obvious one being the length. Besides the surface level difference, it does affect the underlying effects of the compression pant. You are getting less surface area coverage that doesn’t even reach most of the thighs. You won’t be able to take advantage of the full lower body compression if you’re wearing ¾ tights. If you’re focused on the recovery and health benefits, I would recommend going with compression pants. But if you’re in it for the more breathable and style design of ¾ pants, it is a personal preference and an opinion-based choice.

Best Overall: NIKE Men’s Pro 3 Quarter Tights

No surprise that the giant that is Nike made our list with their attractive and comfortable sports apparel. But you have to understand the little details of the pants to appreciate it:

nike men pro 3 quarter compression tights

Starting with the top of the pants: The waistband is an essential part of any compression bottom. They ensure the tights are secure to your body while performing exercises and working out. It’s a comfortable waistband that doesn’t constrict the hips or leave lines after long-term wear. Also, it’s nice to rep the Nike brand with their text surrounding the waistband itself. As for the tight’s material itself: The DRI-fit mesh fabric feels comfortable against the skin and provides even compression throughout the thighs and upper part of the calves. I also appreciate the stitching Nike put into the pant’s seams as they conform to the natural shapes and grooves of the body. They contour the shape of the leg, groin, and butt area to accomplish the proper design that compression apparel delivers. Lastly, if you’re the type that likes to layer compression bottoms for style or comfort, these are excellent choices for those. There are several color options available to mix and match an outfit, and if you put on a pair of athletic shorts or basketball shorts, the Nike swoosh is still visible since it’s below the knee. All this together makes for an excellent and well made ¾ compression tight.

Best Runner-Up: Under Armour Men’s HeatGear ¾ Compression Leggings

under_armour_3-4-compression tights-heatgear-front

Another big brand in the sports and athletic apparel industry, Under Armour takes the second-place spot for best Capri tights. These are another great pair of pants that could be added to your workout wardrobe. The design of the tights includes a fiber makeup of 84% polyester and 16% elastane, which provides excellent long-term comfort wear and increases elasticity. The stretch of the material allows the tights to conform to the natural shape of your thighs and legs, allowing an evenly applied compression effect while wearing the pants. Another plus, the pants include UPF 30+ protection. You’ll be well-guarded against the sun when you’re doing any outdoor exercises or workouts. This built-in sun protection makes these pants ideal for runners, hikers, calisthenics/bodyweight training, and regular outdoor living exercises. If your workout, job, or activity involves you being out and about all the time, these would be a great pickup.Like other pants: You can use these as layering material for daily wear when you go out. They also feature a “moisture transport system,” which is essentially polyesters natural ability to wick away sweat. It will go through capillary action to “flow” the sweat off your body instead of absorbing it. You’ll be able to regulate some sweating in your groin and crotch, along with other perspiration with these pants.

The Best ¾ Compression Tights

While we did list out our top choices, I always stress to shop around before making a final decision. I know this type of clothing is a little on the pricier side, but trust me they worth it and a worthy investment. These will be your go-to when you need to exercise, or need more layering material for warmth. The following compression tights were the best in their category. We felt they excelled and can compete with or surpass our top choices. So before we move on, make sure to pick that right one you.

Shorter Length: Adidas Men’s Training Baselayer ¾ Tights

For many people, the “¾ Capri tights” has different definitions. We found these pants by Adidas were a little on the short side compared to the others on this list. They came to right below my knee. For some, this might be the style they are looking for and wanted a shorter pant.

If you want these compression pants, know that you are getting a shorter length that accommodates most training gear with the option to rep the Adidas brand.

Besides that: They are still a high-quality pair of ¾ compression tights that accomplishes everything you’re looking to achieve: the stretchy elastic material, comfortable polyester fiber, and secure waistband for long-term wear. The only downside to the somewhat shorter length would be the lack of coverage to some of the thigh area. It still provides excellent compression for the groin and thigh area, which will help during lower body workouts, especially on leg day. They’re a great style choice and great for the summer/spring months when it’s cold, and you don’t want compression shorts. Also, if you want a relaxed fit, they accomplish a chill look when you’re out and about with friends and family.

Best Budget: Baleaf Men’s Running ¾ Compression Leggings

Baleaf Men's Running Workout Tight 3-4 Compression Leggings

While these are not from a big, athletic apparel brand like the other tights on this list, they are high-quality pants for a reasonable budget price. Despite the lower price, these aren’t just a random piece of athletic apparel.

The manufacturer utilizes the polyester/spandex fiber content that provides excellent comfort while wearing it for long periods. They have ergonomic seams that contour to the edges and shape of the body. The downside here is that they aren’t as comfortable, and we felt there were too many seams. That isn’t that much of a deal-breaker. It still accomplishes all the other things compression apparel does. It provides gentle to mild compression levels to promote recovery, wicks away sweat, and acts a breathable workout bottom. But the number one reason you should be buying these for is if you need multiple sets of compression tights for your workout schedule throughout the week and don’t want to spend hundreds on the higher end brands. These are a fantastic pickup to build a workout wardrobe for the week. These tights are a budget-friendly alternative if you want to grab all the benefits of form and functionality of a Capri style ¾ compression tight leggings.

Expensive, but Great: 2XU Men’s Hyoptik 3/4 Compression Tights


Don’t get me wrong; these are fantastic compression tights.

But there is a point where the price-for-performance begins to taper off. If you have the money to spend on the best ¾ training compression leggings, then these 2XU tights are your ideal choice. They exceed in several areas. The fiber content of the leggings provides a somewhat stronger compression level compared to the other products mentioned on this list. While it isn’t as noticeable regarding pressure, I have noticed some increase in recovery and comfort during and after a workout. They also provide a higher UPF protection with a 50+ rating. This sun protection makes it even better for individuals who do more outdoor exercises and training. If you run, jog, hike, do calisthenics/bodyweight training, play basketball, football, and any other outdoor sport, I would highly recommend picking these up. You can use them as layering material under any athletic pants or shorts, jeans, sweatpants, etc. They’ll still be able to provide all the benefits behind the scenes.