ANRi.e Compression Knee Sleeve Review

Anri.e Compression Knee Sleeve product photo

I got the opportunity to wear and experience the ANRI.e knee sleeve for the past week. And let me tell you, that it is a step above the other knee sleeves I’ve worn.But before I go into my full review, here are some key takeaways from my experience:

  1. Large coverage area (compared to other sleeves) ranges from above the kneecap/thigh to the calf area.
  2. Stronger levels of compression
  3. Secure elastic bands for long-term comfortable wear
  4. Budget Friendly

anri-e knee compression sleeve features

What Makes it Different: Large Compression Coverage

While you only get a single sleeve when you order, you get a quality made a sleeve that spans a long length compared to other knee sleeves.This larger coverage area makes it great for the compression factor to hit more areas of your leg. It not only provides the much-needed compression for your knees, but it also helps parts of the calf and thigh area.If you find either your left or right leg is sore throughout, you can put on this sleeve and let the recovery process do its job throughout more surface area of the leg.Now that I’ve been wearing for a while, I prefer longer knee sleeves because it feels like it is providing more benefits for me and my leg.

anri.e compression coverage knee sleeve

A Great Compression Experience

The amount of graduated compression in a sleeve is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. But with the ANRI.e knee sleeve, it provides a significant compression aspect that you can feel from the moment you put it on. It will feel tight at first, but as you wear it in for a bit, it will conform to the shape of your knee. But make sure to measure and size correctly. You’ll have to measure the circumference 5” above your kneecap and consult the sizing chart:

Small (S) 13-14.5”
Medium (M) 14.5-16”
Large (L) 16-18”
Extra Large (XL) 18-19.5”

And the beauty of the knee sleeve is that the compression process happens passively. You need to put it on for daily wear or exercise, and the process occurs naturally. If you got the right size, it should fit comfortably fit snug on your knees.

Ideal Secure, Comfortable Wear

With previous knee sleeves, I’ve found that they tend to fall off after extended wear. This slipping was mainly due to the construction of the elastic bands at the end of the sleeve.But the ANRI.e is well-made with its anti-slip silicone straps.I played basketball for a week with this sleeve on, and it did not slip or fall at all. I didn’t have to worry about it falling off while I was playing. And I would assume this would be the case for runners, volleyball players, weightlifters, etc. You can trust this sleeve to stay on comfortably.

anri.e knee sleeve unworn

Competitive Pricing Great for the Wallet

For a well-made knee sleeve such as the ANRI.e, it is a great deal for individuals who want to try out a knee sleeve for themselves.This is ideal for individuals who have gentle to mild levels of discomfort in their knee and want a sleeve that can help alleviate some of those symptoms of pain and soreness. The design, fit, and comfortability are worth it.With that in mind, this is a good entry point for individuals who are in the market for a knee sleeve. And I recommend trying it out and picking up this knee sleeve today!

anri e knee sleeve in box review