Tesla Men’s Compression Baselayer Pants Review

Tesla Compression Pants product photo

I find compression pants to be a necessity come fall and winter season. Especially for runners, bikers, and the like. But that’s not to say this piece of compression gear is only for them. Because it is not, and let me tell you why: They’re another piece of clothing you can put on at the start of your day. They’re very comfortable (if you like tight clothing) and have some added benefits even if you aren’t doing heavy training, practicing or running. Compression pants are an asset that should be added to your wardrobe and let me break down the various aspects and tell you why.

Wear Them Year Round


Okay, time to be honest. I half-lied when I told you that these would be great for fall and winter season or cold weather in general. These specific compression pants aren’t designed for warmth necessarily. They’re designed to handle moisture and sweat and keep all the air circulated throughout your activities.

Meaning, By themselves, they won’t keep you warm. But if you’re living the type of lifestyle where your activities throughout the day whether through work or going to the gym, it will handle all the sweat that builds up with ease. Although they won’t protect you from the cold, they’re still a great layering material to wear under a pair of shorts or pants. If you’re sweating anyway, I don’t think they will be much of a problem fighting off the cold.


These compression leggings are 87% polyester and 13% spandex. At this price point, you shouldn’t expect anything too extravagant. But despite the lower price, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to the high-end gear the accomplishes the same tasks as the more expensive compression gear.


For reference, the Nike Pro Hypercool compression training tights go for $50 which is 4x-5x the price of these baselayer leggings. The dri-fit fabric is 91% polyester and 9% spandex. Yes, polyester does a better job of getting you dry faster, but at a difference that isn’t significantly noticeable.What you’re getting with those are the polyester material and brand name. If those two factors are your buying considerations, then go with that. But if you want something with similar performance than I recommend Tesla Men’s compression pants.Sorry for that minor rant but that was my thought process going into this as a consumer. It’s your decision and your money. I’m here to give an opinion and some experience.

Sizing & Fit

Another important to consider when purchasing compression pants are how they fit on your body. That seems like a pretty obvious aspect to consider, but I think it’s different with tight leggings. You have to make sure they do “fit” or else you’ll have loose tights (oxymoron!).Unless you like your tights a little looser, then go ahead and size up, but if you want the full effects of compression pants, then you’re going to want tight but not suffocating compression pants.

Size Chart

X-Small Length 31 ~ 32 inch, Waist 26 ~ 28 inch
Small Length 33 ~ 34 inch, Waist 28 ~ 30 inch
Medium Length 35 ~ 36 inch, Waist 31 ~ 32 inch