Compression gear can be used for a number of health conditions to help relieve symptoms including pain, swelling, poor circulation, and even help in the recovery of some conditions as well.

From compression socks and stockings for varicose veins, to shirts for gynecomastia, braces and gloves for carpal tunnel and arthritis, as well as other accessories, this type of clothing helps many people live a better life.

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Compression gear comes in many different varieties that are specialized for health conditions all over the body. The topics below cover some of the most common types of conditions compression help with, and other compression accessories.

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LemonHero Zippered Compression Socks

These three aspects make the LemonHero Zippered Compression Socks the right choice for individuals who want something more than the standard compression sock along with increased comfort and wear: they’re easier to put on than other compression socks, superior breathable design & air circulation, and they’re ideal for combating soreness & pain.

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What is Compression Gear?

At the most basic level, compression gear is a category of clothing and other accessories designed to fit tightly around the skin. 

Compression gear has a wide variety of applications including, medical, fitness, and personal uses such as fashion and travel, and continues to grow in popularity as athletes, doctors, patients, and regular people find more creative ways to benefit from these products.

Read our What is Compression Gear? article to get a bigger picture of the role compression gear plays in Fitness, Health, Travel, Fashion, how compression works, and what its benefits are.

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