The 10 Best Gynecomastia Compression Shirts

Man in a gynecomastia compression shirt smiling

Gynecomastia, also commonly known as man boobs, is an enlargement of the male breast gland tissue, and it can happen to men during puberty or from middle-age to old age. It is becoming pretty common among men, and it is more common during puberty because of regular developmental changes. Standard shirts for those with Gynecomastia can be very uncomfortable, and compression shirts are needed, that compress the size. These shirts also give the male body a better shape, but they need to be correctly sized and be of good quality to work correctly.

Compression shirts are not a treatment option for Gynecomastia, but they work to hide this condition. It is essential to find a good quality shirt that meets all your needs and to make the selection process easier;. While even the best compression shirts can be helpful, sufferers will benefit most from compression shirts made specifically for gynecomastia. The following is a list of the ten best compression shirts for Gynecomastia.

Best Gynecomastia Shirts

Best Overall: Esteem Apparel Men’s Compression Shirt for Gynecomastia

The design of this compression shirt by Esteem is specially designed to deal with man boobs or gynecomastia. The low arching neckline provides mild compression and support to raise the skin, which promotes a slimmer appearance. It is meant to be worn as an undershirt to help give you that more athletic look. This shirt comes in three different sizes and two colors, white and black and provides a mild compression slimming effect on the chest and body. The shirt contains a mesh material on the shoulder and a quality spandex and nylon blend body, which is lightweight and works for athletics too. Finally, I highly recommend checking out more of their compression shirts that are specially made to hide man boobs (moobs).Esteem Apparel Original Men's Compression Shirt for Gynecomastia


  • Lightweight and lets your skin breathe and provides a soft, comfortable feeling for the skin
  • Three sizes allow for a proper fit
  • Can be comfortably worn under all types of shirts
  • Easy to remove because of the mesh shoulders
  • Color options mean that you can wear it under dark or light shirts both
  • Very firm and does not lose elasticity
  • Provides back support


  • Only has three sizes
  • Price is a little high
  • The exact length does not allow for tucking into pants

Most Powerful: Shaxea Bodywear Men’s Slimming Shapewear

This shapewear by Shaxea is the ideal piece of apparel to make your body look slimmer and give you a better, toned shape. It consists of a mixture of 90% nylon and 10% spandex for a comfortable feeling. There are several layers on the inside and has panels sewn onto the outside, making it firm and stable. Also, the shirt has elasticity and soft, breathable material. This shirt has five different sizes and two different colors, black and white.

Shaxea Bodywear Men’s Slimming Body Shapewear for Men


  • Firm and provides an excellent compression effect
  • It has a sturdy material because of the inside layers and outside seams, so it does not pull apart easily, and it will not lose its elasticity
  • Nylon makes it very soft on the skin and comfortable to wear
  • The material is very light which provides ease in movement, and it does not trap heat
  • The colors look great under both dark and light-colored shirts
  • Can be washed by a machine
  • Has a reasonable price range
  • Shaxea has a variety of sizes which makes it easier to find one that fits perfectly


  • The material can be a little itchy
  • Dimensions are not standard, so and you may have to buy a smaller size
  • Has a very exact size and cannot be tucked into your pants and might ride up a little

Best Girdle: Underworks Men’s Compression Body Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt

If you’re looking for something with stretch and give, this compression shirt by Underworks will do the job. The material blend is made up of nylon and spandex fibers which promote comfortable, long-term wear. It features an internal lining that is soft and provides firm compression. It has seams that end at the back, so they are not visible on the sides. This shirt comes in 7 different sizes and two different colors, black and white.

Underworks Men's Microfiber Performance Compression Tank


  • Has a range of sizes, for a perfect fit
  • Not visible under your shirts as the seams extend to the back
  • Nylon makes the material very safe and comfortable to wear
  • Has a durable material that is not easily damaged
  • Lightweight material
  • It has straps that do not cut against the underarms like they do in most compression shirts
  • Two front layers that provide the perfect compression


  • High price and is expensive
  • Not very durable and might rip if put under pressure
  • Traps heat and can be uncomfortable in the summers
  • Can be a little bulky to wear
  • Does not effectively pull in all fat for everyone as it is not very sturdy

Fat Burning: GKVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Shirt

GKVK is known for making quality compression shirts that are both effective and comfortable. This particular piece of apparel has fat-burning qualities and gives you a slimmer look. It is made of nylon and spandex and uses high-quality materials. The shirt runs tight and needs to be broken in. The shirt can be worn by pulling up from the bottom and not slipped on from the top. This shirt comes in five sizes and five colors: black, blue, grey, maroon and white.

GKVK Men's Slimming Body Shaper Shirt


  • Soft nylon material that makes it comfortable to wear
  • Does not stop blood circulation as most compression shirts do
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Breathable, lightweight material
  • Provides back support
  • It has a variety of colors to match and blend into your wardrobe
  • Huge range of sizes so you can find one that fits you perfectly
  • Easily affordable
  • Stretches with your body because of its elasticity


  • It is challenging to put on, and it can only be pulled up
  • It is uncomfortable until broken in, typically after one week of use
  • As the material is firm and rough, it can cause some rashes as well
  • It holds up the fat near your armpits which can be very uncomfortable
  • The outline of the seams is sometimes apparent from under a shirt

Workout Short-sleeve: Mava Sports Men’s Compression Workout Baselayer Shapewear

Mava’s compression shirt is excellent for gynecomastia symptoms, and it also looks and works as a compression shirt for working out. It has the look of a gym shirt and can be worn as outer workout wear or as a base shirt/vest. The fabric content is made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex and has a compression level of 18-25 mmHg. This graduated compression level is perfect for most people in dealing with symptoms of swelling and pain. It helps in stabilizing the muscle and prevents any muscle trauma. It has UVA/UVB and anti-bacterial protection. There is also a variety option with five different sizes but only one color, black with silver and black with gold.Mava Sports Men's Compression Workout Baselayer Shapewear


  • Protects against muscle trauma and it stabilizes muscles
  • Improves blood circulation which enhances recovery after a workout
  • Protects against bacteria and is suitable for outdoor workouts
  • The material is very light and breathable, it deflects sweat and dries up very fast which makes for a comfortable workout
  • Works for most weather
  • The nylon and spandex blend is flexible, with good elasticity
  • Variety of sizes to suit your needs


  • Is an expensive option
  • It only has one color, black, which means that it cannot be worn under all shirts as it may be visible under light colored shirts that have a soft material
  • The sizes are not very exact and finding the perfect one for you can be very difficult

Workout Long-sleeve: Mava Compression Long Sleeve Baselayer T-Shirt

If you’re not a fan of the short sleeve variant of the Mava shirt, they also offer a long-sleeve option. This full coverage of the body promotes a slimming feature because less skin is exposed. It has the look of sportswear and be worn separately as a gym shirt as well and an undershirt. It also reduces fatigue and prevents muscle trauma. It is perfect for all sorts of workouts, and its outer appearance does not make it apparent that it is a compression shirt. Also, this shirt comes in various sizes and colors, including five sizes and two colors: black and gold, and black and silver. Mava Compression Long Sleeve Baselayer T Shirt


  • A variety of sizing
  • Improves blood circulation and stabilizes muscles
  • Soft material that provides comfort for long-term wear
  • It has UVA/UVB and anti-bacterial protection which makes it suitable for outdoor activities
  • Breathable design and the material is light and airy
  • Deflects the sweat and dries up very quickly and makes your workout more comfortable
  • Stretches with your movements and has elasticity
  • Has more of a compression effect than most compression shirts
  • Can be worn as a shirt as well as an undershirt


  • On the pricier side of the spectrum
  • Only has one color, black, which would make it visible under light colored shirts that have a light material

7. Underworks Men’s Microfiber Performance Compression Tank

Another option if you want more breathability is this Underwork’s performance tank. It’s the perfect piece of training apparel to take with to the gym or if you’re lounging around and relaxing. The makeup of material consists of microfiber, nylon, and a spandex blend. It slims down your body and provides options to choose from, including six sizes and five colors: army green, dark grey, black, khaki, and white.Underworks Men's Compression Body Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt


  • Huge range of sizes which makes it easier to find the right size for you
  • Variety of colors so it can be worn under various colored shirts, and it will not be visible under them
  • Very smooth and soft material that is not visible under clothing and is very comfortable to wear
  • Prevents strains on your muscles
  • Does not restrict blood flow
  • Flexible and has elasticity


  • Gentle level of compression and is mostly made to be a workout shirt
  • Elasticity wears off after some time
  • Sizes are not very accurate, and those with gynecomastia have to get a shirt at least two sizes smaller than what they usually get

Mild Compression: GC2 Gynecomastia Compression Shirt Undershirt

This undershirt is one of the more basic designs and gynecomastia compression shirts on the list but don’t let that fool you. The shirt features gentle to mild levels of compression to provide a slimmer appearance while dealing with minor symptoms of swelling and pain. This shirt is only available in one color, white, in three sizes, and helps with maintaining posture.

GC2 Gynecomastia Compression Shirt Undershirt


  • Long and can be tucked in
  • Provides support to muscles and back
  • Not visible underneath shirts


  • Only has one color and the white may be visible under other light or dark colors
  • Has a small size range and it may be challenging to find one that fits perfectly
  • Cannot be worn as an outer shirt
  • Loses its elasticity very easily

Shirt with a Zipper: GCVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Tank Top & Zipper Vest

Going from our the basic design of our previous choice is this unique body shaper tank top by GCVK. It features a zipper vest right down the middle with some mesh and see-through material. The zipper makes it easier to get in and out of the shirt. Also, the design allows more breathability and comfort for long-term wear. This shirt come in 5 different sizes and has three different color options, beige, black and white. Because it is composed of nylon and spandex, it has a slimming effect and works well for Gynecomastia.

GCVK Men's Slimming Body Shaper Tank Top Zipper Vest


  • Low price and is very affordable
  • Has a variety of sizes which makes it easy to find one that fits perfectly
  • Has three different colors which mean that you can wear it under different shirts and it will not be visible
  • It has elasticity and is very flexible
  • The nylon fabric makes it soft and comfortable
  • Tightens around the chest and the rest of your body remains comfortable
  • The material is breathable and stretches with your every movement


  • It has to be broken in and will not be comfortable during the first week of wearing it
  • The elasticity loosens over time
  • It holds up the fat to the armpits which can make it very uncomfortable to wear.

Budget: LISH Men’s Slimming Light Compression Crew Neck Shirt

Last but not least is this crew neck compression shirt by LISH. Though it may look simple, this doesn’t stop it from being one of the best compression shirts to help deal with man boobs and gynecomastia symptoms. I like it for its simplicity and is excellent to wear to the gym or wear at home. This shirt is available in 6 different sizes and two colors, black and white, and contains a polyester and spandex blend, and has a slimming effect.

LISH Men's Slimming Light Compression Crew Neck Shirt - Short Sleeve


  • Affordable pricing, and available in bulk
  • Not visible underneath shirts
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Machine washable on a light tumble


  • It only has two color options and maybe visible under other light colors
  • The sizes aren’t entirely accurate; you might have to buy a size smaller than usual