The 10 Best Carpal Tunnel Braces (2020 Buying Guide)

Doctor examining a patient wearing a carpal tunnel brace

If you’ve experienced a numbness or tingling feeling in your wrist, you may be experiencing carpal tunnel or a type of wrist soreness/pain. This comes from repetitive motions such as using a computer on a daily basis for work. Office workers and other kinds of occupations that involve making these motions tend to experience carpal tunnel syndrome the most. One of the simplest ways to help alleviate some of the symptoms is with a carpal tunnel wrist brace. It fixates your wrist to prevent any unwanted movement that may strain or make the condition worse. This allows your wrist to recover from that tingling sensation you feel. But a quick note of caution: A wrist brace WILL NOT solve your problems right away, but it is the first step you should take on the process of fighting carpal tunnel. Depending on the severity, you may need to consult a doctor and get further treatments. I recommend you go to the doctor if you are not sure. The people who should get a wrist brace are those experiencing gentle to mild levels of carpal tunnel to see if it would help.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CPS)?

According to WebMD Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CPS), is a medical condition which causes the compression of the median nerve as it pulls through the wrist to the carpal tunnel. The symptoms mainly are a pain, numbness, and a tingling feeling in your fingers, and it usually occurs and worsens at night time. This condition may sometimes hinder your sleeping patterns and cause you great distress. That is why it is recommended to use a wrist brace or night splint to position your wrist while asleep. It helps ease the pain and let patients sleep with some comfort. It provides the stabilization and positioning needed to mitigate these experiences.

The 3 Types of Wrist Braces for Carpal Tunnel

Before you even think about buying a wrist brace, it’s important to know which type of wrist brace is the best option to deal with your particular case of carpal tunnel. This depends on several things such as severity level, how long you’re going to wear it, and when you’re going to wear a brace. With that in mind, I’ve broken up the type of wrist braces into three separate categories depending on your evaluation of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Night Splints (Only worn while asleep)
  2. Short-Term Wrist Splints (For casual wear at work or in the office throughout the day)
  3. After Surgery Splints (For longer-term support and recovery)

Each brace should accommodate some of the symptoms of the carpal tunnel through its positioning aspects. These different levels of splints work for varying degrees of carpal tunnel. Keep in mind your situation as you browse through each wrist brace.

What is the Best Carpal Tunnel Brace (Buying Guide)?

The best wrist brace to help with your carpal tunnel syndrome will feature three main aspects:

  1. Comfortable and Robust Construction
  2. Secure Positioning and Stabilization
  3. Ideal for nighttime or long-term wear

A combination of these factors will ensure you’re getting the best fit to help combat symptoms of numbness, soreness, or pain. With those aspects in mind, I’ve highlighted the most important features of a few products that will be most significant in your battle with carpal tunnel.

  • If you want to best and most safe carpal tunnel brace I recommend getting the Comfy Brace. For most individuals who experience gentle to mild levels of carpal tunnel and need something to wear to work or while you sleep, the Comfy Brace splint provides the comfort and functionality are necessary to help with CPS.
  • If you want a brand you can trust, I recommend checking out either the Mueller Wrist Splint or VIVE Carpal Tunnel Splint. Many individuals trust both companies and their respective brands.
  • If you need the most robust wrist brace support that is also secure, I will check out the Housables Wrist Splint. The secure strapping system and ergonomic design are specially designed to position your wrist to alleviate your carpal tunnel symptoms.
  • If you’re an athlete and need something that isn’t as restricting, the best carpal tunnel brace for you would be the Juno Sports Wrist Brace. It has a more open design that allows your hands to have more range of motion for sports and other athletic activities like tennis, basketball, running, etc.

1. Comfy Brace Night Wrist Splint & Support Brace

Comfy Brace Night Wrist Splint Support Brace

If you’ve been suffering any wrist distress or have recently endured a wrist injury, my go-to option to help with this is the Comfy Brace.It provides better durability than other braces and provides comfortable wear for the night or long-term use.Comfy Brace has an ergonomic design that provides maximum wrist support to your wrist and eases your pain. Wrist braces can sometimes be a nuisance because they can come undone; they are either too tight or too loose. But the Comfy Brace is the perfect splint since it comes with hook and loop fasteners to make your splint a better fit and help keep it in place. What’s even better about Comfy Brace is that it was specifically designed to fit both your wrists so now you don’t have to worry if your wrist brace is left or right-handed specific. And to add on top of that, the Comfy Brace comes with a full money-back guarantee! You can rest easy knowing you can get a trusted wrist brace that could potentially help alleviate some symptoms of CPS.

2. Mueller Green Wrist Brace

Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace

Mueller Braces are one of those braces that provide maximum support to wrist regardless of the injury or the condition you have.The Green Wrist Brace is made from a breathable, lightweight fiber material that makes all-day use really bearable. This lends itself to be a great wrist splint for long-term wear and use.In addition: The brace has adjustable straps with a hook and loop closure ensuring a maximum fit. The bottom side of the brace has a metal spoon that provides a very comfortable contoured support, and the top side of the wrist brace has rigid contoured support. The brace is also designed from a very soft, comfortable outer fabric to provide that easy and comfortable wear. Not to forget: the core of the brace is made from non-petroleum based material, and the linking of the entire brace consists of 67% PET bottles. If you want a trusted brand for wrist braces, I recommend picking up the Mueller Wrist Brace.

3. VIVE Wrist Brace

Wrist Brace by VIVE

This brace is ergonomically designed for those who have arthritis. But even then, it provides similar functionality and construction to accommodate individuals with carpal tunnel and any other wrist swallowing, tendon dislocation or serious injury.Basically, any wrist related injury or pain can be helped with the VIVE Wrist Brace.The brace has straps that would help you to customize your compression according to the kind of wrist dilemma you are facing at that particular moment. If you’ve sustained a serious injury and are in need of a splint, then the brace comes with a removable lightweight aluminum splint that can be removed or reused according to your wrist protection needs. The brace is a universal splint since it accommodates all sizes and shapes and has extra strength fasteners to keep the brace from falling off or coming undone. It is made from a breathable neoprene material that helps your wrist cool and comfortable all day long.

4. Velpeau Wrist Splint

Velpeau Wrist Splint

This is one of the most secure and strongest carpal tunnel braces on this list. In terms of the type of wrist brace, its best-suited individuals with several levels of CPS or are recovering from surgery.The Velpeau Wrist Splint is the best option for post-op and long-term use.The brace applies slight pressure to the painful areas of your wrist to provide that extra added relief. In addition to that, the splint has an aluminum alloy base to support the splint and acts as an agent to curve into our bodies natural outlook. You can expect a comfortable fitting brace if you plan to wear it for long periods of time. To add to its secure fit, the splint itself has three Velcro straps to provide maximum adjustments and prevent it from coming undone. It is easily detachable, washable, and reusable. making it the best choice for a busy lifestyle and work life.

5. Juno Sports Athletic Wrist Brace

JunoSports Adjustable Athletic Wrist Brace Support for Carpal Tunnel

This is an athletic wrist brace. It’s best suited for those who work out, train, or play sports with an emphasis on the wrists such as tennis. If your wrists go numb or experience pain during normal activities such as typing the Juno Sports Brace is a great option to alleviate some carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. It’s specially designed not to hinder all your range of motion will doing these different type of activities. This brace is perfect to wear throughout the day on a normal day-to-day basis.The brace is designed with the highest quality materials and features a robust construction build. This helps not to cause skin irritation and provides a protective housing for your wrist to prevent any further strain. But the most common use for this brace would be for protecting and supporting the wrist during and after workouts because it provides mild compressions. It promotes a recovery aspect to help alleviate any soreness or pain. The brace also has a neoprene band that contains orthopedic qualities. Not to forget: the brace has a lightweight feel to it which doesn’t impose any excess weight on it.

6. Copper Joint Wrist Support

Copper Joint Wrist Support

While the other braces and wrist supports I’ve listed up to now have been for secure stabilization, this wrist support by Copper Joint provides a more flexible option to provide support for your carpal tunnel.This wrist brace is exceedingly durable, lightweight, and provides the best heat to a rather sore or weak wrist; it has the ability to take your pain away and helps you move a lot faster. What’s even greater is that it doesn’t cause any skin rash or unnecessary itching due to its lightweight material that keeps your wrist cool, and doesn’t cause any sweating. It is made with the perfect string elastic complementing your wrists shape. Furthermore, it is 100% latex-free and has 4-way compression sleeves that keep the brace from coming undone.

7. M Brace RCA:


This M Wrist Brace is specially designed to keep your wrist’s structure proper throughout the entire span of you wearing it, making it perfect for recovery from carpal tunnel symptoms.It’s super lightweight, so it does not restrict any sort of wrist activity when you’re wearing it, unlike a lot of other wrist braces. It helps in maintaining the moderate U- shape of the carpal tunnel without applying pressure. The brace is actually very flexible, providing maximum wrist movements. It’s a very skin-friendly brace with an attached Velcro brand that provides maximum adjustability to the wearer.

8. Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Carpal Tunnel Night Time Wrist Brace

Designed particularly as a nighttime wrist brace, this brace is pretty much customizable with its reshape metal rods that would not only provide you with maximum support but also speed up your rehabilitation and recovery process. The material from which the brace is made prevents any odor or heating up of the wrist while you’re wearing it. It is comfortable enough to wear overnight: this could be your next wrist brace target if you’re in search of a brace to sleep with. And what’s even greater is that this brace comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty which means that if you’re unsatisfied with the product, you could easily get your money back or have a replacement.

9. AidBrace Night Sleep Support Brace

AidBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

The AidBrace has an ergonomic design that provides your injured wrist maximum support. One of the things that make this one stand out is that its size is universal which means it can fit anyone no matter how big or small the wrists are and fits both left and right hands comfortably.The brace is made from a soft, breathable material with cushioned beats that would further aid in better support of the wrist while in working positions. Another great deal with this brace is that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee too, so if somehow you don’t like the product the money will be returned back to you.If you want to see if this brace will help with your carpal tunnel, I recommend getting the AidBrace.

10. Houseables Wrist Brace Support

Houseables Wrist Brace Pair

This brace has a universal use, which means it can be used for all and any wrist health conditions, injuries, as well as sports injuries. The brace is so comfortable and lightweight that it has a 24-hour use and would not irritate you throughout the span of that time. I recommend getting the Housable wrist brace if you want a classic option to battle your carpal tunnel syndrome.It is quite ergonomically designed, supports all kinds of wrist and arm movements, and does not cause any strain. It is made with high-grade breathable, moisture-absorbent material that would last very long and is latex-free. Last but not least, the company itself offers a money-back guarantee should you have the need to return it back (which is quite a rare case with this one!).