The 10 Best Women’s Compression Leggings for Running

woman in compression shorts sitting down to tie her shoes

Running is one of the most popular and convenient ways that people choose to stay fit and active, allowing you the freedom to go at your own pace, select your location, and to have the privacy which other fitness methods may not provide. Another great thing about running: It costs nothing to run around, unlike really costly gym membership charges and other workout classes and routines.

Why Invest in Compression Leggings

As beneficial as running is, it can become very stressful and strenuous for your leg muscles. When done with the right techniques and using the proper equipment and gear, running can bring you a lot of immense benefits and make you much more active and fit. If you support your legs, then you can tone them down and get leaner looking legs with a daily running routine.However, when you run in regular tights or trousers that don’t support your legs, then you can end up with more pain than gain. This pain is because the legs have some of the most intricate and complex networks of muscles compared to the rest of the body, and the right kind of running tights that properly give support to the legs and aid the leg muscles during the running activity as well as during the recovery period.We’re going to break down the best compression leggings specifically designed for runners that are available in the market right now:

1. 2XU Women’s Hyoptik Reflective Thermal Compression Tights

The 2XU Women’s Hyoptik Reflective Thermal Compression Tights are another great pair of thermal tights that support running in cold weather. These tights provide excellent heat distribution and insulation to the legs because of their patented inner brushed thermal layer of fabric. They also come with the ideal compression technology of graduated compression that provides adequate levels of compression to the muscles and ligaments throughout the different areas of the leg. Another great feature of these tights is that they come with large sized reflective panels on both legs on the lower and higher parts which make them ideal for jogging in dark areas at night.

2XU Women's Hyoptik Reflective Thermal Compression Tights

2. SKINS Women’s DNAmic Compression Long Tights

The SKINS Women’s DNAmic Compression Long Tights come with a special dynamic compression design that gives a gradient of compression to all the crucial points of your legs. This compression technique allows for maximum oxygen flow to all your important muscles that get stressed out during a rigorous workout or run.These tights come with vibration absorption and minimization that protects all of your soft and vulnerable muscles from excessive damage or break down. The fabric is water-resistant and provides UVA protection as well of up to 50 SPF. The stretchy fit molds to the shape of your legs.

SKINS Women’s DNAmic Compression Long Tights

3. Zensah Women’s XT Running Compression Tights

The Zensah Women’s XT Running Compression Tights are one the most fashionable and good looking tights you can find for running. These tights come with special built-in mesh panels on the side that are great at insulating the legs and keeping them warm during cold morning runs. The material of the tights also has moisture-wicking, so it stays dry even in humid weather. There are also specific compression points located throughout the tights that offer great comfort and muscle support. These tights also have no seams which reduce the risk of chafing and discomfort.

Zensah Women's XT Running Compression Tights

4. Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Tights

The Under Armour Women’s ColdGear tights come with a special brush knit fabric that is great for winter runs as it keeps the entire leg very warm and cozy even in the coldest temperatures. The material of these tights has been designed to stretch in four directions, which make it very suitable for running and pulling your leg in all the different ways without feeling any tugging or discomfort. The fabric is moisture wicked as well, which keeps you dry in any wet conditions. The seams are flat-locked that prevent any chafing or discomfort.

Under Armour Women's ColdGear Tights

5. Zensah Compression and Recovery Tights

The Zensah Recovery Tights not only provide compression but help in post-workout or post running recovery of your sore muscles. These tights offer significant compression to all of those areas of the leg that get harmed during the exercise or a running session.Another great feature of these tights is that they have neither any tags inside of them nor any seams. This design is ideal for comfort during long-distance running sessions as they reduce discomfort and chafing. The fabric also comes with silver ions that work to minimize any odor produced from sweating.

Zensah Compression and Recovery Tights

6. CW-X Stabilyx Tights for Women

These tights are specifically designed for women, keeping the female form in mind. They provide overall support to all parts and curves of the legs from the calves and the knees, all the way to the thighs and the hips. The design of the tights is also perfectly flattering on the legs with several colorful strings running along the sides on the legs, making them look thin and flattering. These tights also provide great UVA, UVB, and UPF protection. The pockets and the drawstring on the tights have a strong chord that keeps everything in place during vigorous running.

CW-X Stabilyx Tights for Women

7. 2XU Women s Mid-rise Compression Tights

The 2XU Women’s Mid-rise Compression Tights have a great deal of thought and precision put into their design, especially around the waist area. These tights are the mid-rise and come with a uniquely designed wider waistband that provides maximum comfort while squatting or running without adding any stress to the abdomen.The material of these tights is made from yarns that are high filament constructed, and with flatlock seams. The combination of these two features keeps your skin dry during a run as well as minimizing chafing and friction on the leg. Graduated compression technology also keeps the legs comfortable throughout the running session without adding any extra stress to the soft muscles and ligaments of the legs.

2XU Women s Mid-rise Compression Tights

8. CW-X Endurance Generator Women’s Tights

The CW-X Endurance Generator Women’s Tights come with a great deal of endurance compression and the highest level of shock absorption for rough activities like heavy climbing or running. These are some of the few tights that have a high waist and provide maximum support to your abdominal muscles during a run.Although these tights do have seams, they are flat seams, so they provide more comfort and less chafing as compared to regular seams. Not only is the fabric of these tights water and moisture resistant, but it also offers the best UV protection for your legs during daytime runs.

CW-X Endurance Generator Women's Tights

9. Compression Pants for Women by CompressionZ

The Compression Pants for Women by CompressionZ are among some of the most budget-friendly compression tights ideals for women who love to run. These tights come with one of the most wanted features in compression tights: the four-way stretch, which helps with fast running while providing maximum support to the leg muscles. The fabric of these tights also comes with moisture prevention and odor prevention technology that keeps your legs dry. This technology prevents any harmful odor-causing bacteria and the moisture they feed on from accumulating on your legs under the tights.

CompressionZ Women's Leggings

10. Skins A200 Women’s Thermal Compression Long Tights

The Skins A200 Women’s Thermal Compression Long Tights come with a specially designed gradient compression system that has varying levels of compression mapped out throughout the entirety of the leg. This design is excellent for heavy exercise and running because the compression technology provides support so that the muscles don’t get too damaged during stress. Another great feature of these tights is that they also provide extensive UV protection. The fabric is designed to manage the moisture while also keeping the heat regulated throughout the leg while running. The reflective material also helps with night time running.

Skins A200 Women's Thermal Compression Long Tights

Final Thoughts

A lot of people have this thought that running gear such as compression leggings are for use by professional athletes, which could not be further from the truth.  Compression leggings are very beneficial for all kinds of people that love exercising and running on their own. These leggings are not just for looking good but provide a lot of practical benefits that you cannot get with regular tights. Compression leggings come with designated compression points and comfortable non-friction seams. They come with a material that is more breathable and properly insulated for all weathers. Compression leggings also have innovative multiple stretch points that allow you more freedom to move. So after seeing all of these features, there should be no doubt left in any runner’s mind about whether they are worth the purchase or not.