The 10 Best Knee Braces for Arthritis (2020 Buying Guide)

Woman sitting on a bed holding her knee covered in a knee brace

Many other individuals, such as myself, experience arthritis. It’s a common symptom that individuals are diagnosed with and can be treated (depending on the severity). A common area affected by arthritis is the knee. One of the most accessible and most convenient options to help alleviate this pain is a knee brace. But you have to make sure you’re getting the right one for you that provides the ideal comfort and support. And with this buying guide, I will help you along the path to get the correct knee brace for you.

How do Knee Braces Combat Symptoms of Arthritis?

The number one thing a knee brace does is stabilize the knee joints. While it won’t be the magical solution to solving the symptoms of pain, it will alleviate it. With the support from a support sleeve, it will promote minimal movement of the joint, which will help allow the body’s recovery process to do it’s the thing: heal. The brace will allow limited mobility (this varies among braces) while still positioning the knee in the ideal position to recovery. You don’t want to strain those joints further, and that’s what a knee brace will do.

How to Find the Best Knee Brace

While there is no definite number one knee brace, I’ve narrowed it down to a couple that has helped many individuals like yourself.You have to determine the severity of arthritis. You can self-diagnosis or get a medical professional’s opinion. Depending on the severity, you’re either going to need a more secure stabilization and compression. Or you could get away with a more “loose” knee support that allows more range of motion.The more stabilization and positioning a sleeve has, the better it will be at helping deal with symptoms of arthritis.Throughout this guide, I will mention different knee braces that demonstrate the different features and capabilities you’ll need for a quality knee sleeve support.

1. Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter with Bilateral Hinges

If you’re willing to invest in a beast of a knee brace, you can’t go wrong with picking up this robust knee support by Shock Doctor.It’s one of the best all-around knees supports you can trust to help alleviate some symptoms of pain and soreness. You can easily make this support part of your recovery regime if you’re dealing with arthritis.Most of our sleeves on this list do not compare to the Shock Doctor. It is specially designed to provide support and stabilization to promote recovery. Also, it offers ample benefits and features, such as compression, moisture-wicking, and comfort. With its secure strapping system and open patella design, you will get the comfort and long-term/short-term recovery option you need to help combat symptoms of arthritis.And the cherry on top: It is a trusted brand in the industry, and with that said, I recommend investing in this knee support.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter

2. Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

If you’re looking for a knee brace that knocks it out of the park, grab a Winzone sleeve.They’re all-around comfortable, functional, and gives you the support needed to combat arthritis.I also recommend them if you little extra support for knee/leg intense activities, like running, basketball, football, hiking, etc.You can trust this knee brace to help deal with your symptoms of arthritis.Wearing these has helped several individuals resume their daily activities and normal routine after an injury. Also, it has helped athletes perform better with the additional support and grip that it provides on the knees.The sleeve’s high-grade materials stay tight to provide an excellent grip and compression factor. I believe this is one of the more comfortable and easy to slip on sleeves on the market. Most of the people who have worn this have praised its durability, quality, and effectiveness. If you need a knee brace right now, I recommend a Winzone brace.

Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve For Arthritis

3. Bracoo Knee Support, Open-Patella Stabilizer

For most people, they want a knee brace that is both economical and functional. And I believe the Bracoo Knee Support helps solve both those problems. Bracoo products are known for the quality of their knee supports and other braces for their durability and longevity.This brace helps the user by providing them with the mobility needed to do their daily activities. Also, it is useful for wearing during sports and other athletic activities. Moreover, it protects the knee from injury by providing an excellent grip through adjustable strapping and extra thick and breathable neoprene sleeve.

Bracoo Knee Support Open-Patella Stabilizer

4. HipStone Knee Sleeve Compression Fit Support

If you are looking for a compression fit sleeve for your knees to relieve arthritis pain, then this is the best one for you. It has been manufactured by Hipstone, who is one of the best names in this industry and is known for its durability and reliability. This brand works anytime, and it also helps to improve the overall blood circulation and improve health.It is equipped with a 3D weaving technology and is highly elastic and breathable, which helps to protect the knee during all activities. Most of the people who use these knee sleeves are satisfied with its performance and have recommended it.

HipStone Knee Sleeve Compression Fit Support

5. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

This knee brace boasts one of the most secure designs and construction I’ve seen in a brace. It is also quite a useful knee brace support that helps relieve all types of knee-related injuries as well as arthritis pain and tendinitis pain. With its open patella design and neoprene build, I recommend picking up the Techware Knee support to combat your symptoms of arthritis.It is quite a comfortable brace that can be worn anytime and helps the user to carry out their daily activities. Also, it is adjustable, which helps to provide the best fit. Moreover, it is available in different sizes which the user can choose depending upon their sizes. Most of the customers who have been using this sleeve have commented that they have experienced significant improvement in their knee pain and that they feel more comfortable doing sports and other physical activities as well with this brace.

TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

6. ROYI Knee Brace Support Sleeve For Arthritis

You can expect the ROYI to be one of the best-quality knee support braces that you can find, especially to relieve the arthritis pain. It can also be used post-surgery for maintaining mobility and daily physical activities. The sleeve promotes long-term comfort and wear. While also being ideal for protection for PCL, ACL, ligaments and also helps to reduce the risk of injuries during sports or strenuous physical activities. It is very popular with customers due to providing the needed comfort and support to alleviate the pain and soreness that comes with arthritis.

ROYI Knee Brace Support Sleeve For Arthritis

7. CFORWARD Knee Brace Support

This sleeve by CFORWARD should be a top choice for knee support, especially for those who are suffering from arthritis. But the key takeaway you should take from this review is that it is budget-friendly.With its competitive pricing, it can be used effectively for running or sports activities.It provides adequate strength and support with its high-grade material that is long-lasting and durable. Majority of the customers who use this knee support are quite satisfied with its results and have recommended this product because of its effectiveness.

CFORWARD Knee Brace Support ideal for Arthritis

8. MEDIZED Adjustable Double Metal and Hinged Knee Brace

These are quite comfortable and high-performance knee braces that are ideal for those who have arthritis pain. It helps the users resume their daily routine and physical activities as it is easy to use and can work anywhere. It also helps prevent injuries and improves performance in sports. It’s useful for running, cycling or other sports. It is made with high-quality material that is durable and comfortable. Most of the users who use this brace have reported a considerable reduction in their knee pain and have resumed their daily activities after wearing this.

MEDIZED Adjustable Double Metal and Hinged Knee Brace Support

9. DISUPPO Knee Brace Sleeve Support

This knee brace provides complete support to the knee, especially for those people who have arthritis pain or for athletes who need extra protection for their knees. It is quite a comfortable knee brace that is also easy to use.It helps in recovery of arthritis, tendonitis, meniscus tear as well as from general fatigue or swelling. It is “one size fits all,” which makes it easy and simple. Most of the customers who use this have reported that they are more comfortable wearing this and have no problems with their daily physical activities.

DISUPPO Knee Brace Sleeve Support

10. King of Kings Knee Brace Sleeve

This brace is ideal for arthritis, meniscus tear as well as ACL. It can be used post-surgery to heal the knee. Athletes can also use it during sports like running, basketball, and others. With its adjustable open patella stabilizers, it acts as a protector to relieve pain and provide comfort. Most of the customers who use this were quite satisfied with the performance and the results of this brace and had given it a high star rating for its effectiveness in reducing their knee pain.

King of Kings Knee Brace Support Sleeve for Arthritis