Best Compression Pants and Leggings for Men and Women

Man and woman in compression leggings stretching on a bridge

After checking out several compression pants, I have found that the best compression pants were the Tesla’s Baselayer Running Pants to be the best for men, while without a doubt the CompressionZ Yoga Pants were the most ideal for women. There was a contender in New Men Sports Apparel Tights but felt they weren’t as strong or as durable compared to Tesla. And just for your information, these men compression tights work as great yoga pants or leggings for women as long as you adjust for sizing. Several factors go into this decision such as comfortability, quality of fiber, durability, interaction in a real-world environment, etc. Although I noted the best overall fit, several contenders have individual aspects that make them the best in their respective categories such as price, thickness, colors (more on that later), and comfortableness. We will break down these different aspects to help find the best compression pants for you.

Compression PantsReasonsView on Amazon
tesla_compression_pantsTesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Baselayer PantsComfortable, Quality Compression Levels, StylishBuy on Amazon
compressionz_yoga_pantsCompressionZ Women's Compression PantsSnug Everyday Clothing, Excellent RecoveryBuy on Amazon

Why We Picked Tesla Men’s Compression Pants for Men


Our number one contender is an excellent pair of training apparel for four reasons: Durability, Comfort, Benefits, and StyleRegarding durability, I found the stitching in the seams and thickness of the fiber to be much better in regards to thickness and quality to its competitors. If you’re into outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, fishing and you’re worried about it not surviving the elements, I think these would be the perfect piece of compression apparel to protect yourself against the weather and hold its own in extreme conditions.

As for the comfort, I found myself easily slipping into these compression tights and that they hugged my legs quite well. While playing basketball, it felt like another layer of skin for me as it contoured to each part of the body. It was very much relaxing and breathable to play in. I used them for other activities like running and hiking and appreciated the feeling that my legs are recovering after a workout as the fiber presses against my calf muscles. Benefits are essential, and it is hard to gauge and measure the exact effectiveness of them, but what I can do is go off customer experiences. Several people have noted that they have experienced less sweating thanks to sweat-wicking and moisture regulation aspect thanks to the polyester in them. Like I mentioned when I was talking about comfort, these tights hug the legs and they don’t constrict, you can feel the recovery process going on while wearing compression pants. Style may not be a deal-breaker for you, but for myself, I like to mix and match my training apparel when I go play a pickup game and whatnot. It’s nice to feel confident in my outfit when I play a game or workout. It’s a little ego boost to get me through my day. Tesla offers a variety of color combinations, which is a +1 in my book.

Why We Picked the CompressionZ Yoga Pants for Women


I’ll have to admit it, when researching women’s compression pants it was a little hard to gauge what would work best, so I got a female’s perspective AKA my significant other. I kept her in the dark of what specific brand and asked her own opinions as well taking into account what other people have said online. I took into account the same factors mentioned above and used that to asses these compression pants. Some things she noted was that it was form-fitting and felt comfortable wearing regularly to work or classes compared to other compression tights. She liked the thickness of the pants and felt cozier now that the winter months were upon us. The material was tight but stretchy and took some time to put it on. Overall it was pretty comfy but said she would size up because it felt tight. Once we got the sizing right, she wore them to the gym, and she noted the feeling of relief and breathability as she went about her workout. As for style, I think I can answer this one. Everyone knows girls like their plain black yoga pants and that they go with pretty much anything. So as for style, it gets our thumbs up and a seal of approval. And if any guys are reading this particular part, they make an excellent gift for your wife or girlfriend.

The Runner Ups for Best Compression Pants and Tights


There are several other compression pants that you should consider during your search. Even if you made up your mind and you already decided on getting one of the two pants mentioned above, I believe you can reassure yourself by cross-checking for yourself, and also you might find that there is something you like more than our picks. Factors to consider for the runner-ups that may appeal more to you could be budget reasons, sizing, design, and brand recognition. Of course, those are only a few of those aspects that may be important to you. Just keep in mind to pick the compression pants that appeal to you the most.

New Men Sports Apparel Compression Tights

active_research_pantsThe thing that I liked about these compression pants is that they felt very sleek. These would be my go-to during fall weather. I would put on a pair of these on and that a pair of black basketball shorts and would like stylish in my opinion. These are excellent layering material if you ever decide to go snowboarding or you have to play a pickup game. The only reason I had this as a close second was because I had a minor rip in one of the stitching. I don’t know where it came from and realized it only after a few days and thought it might have come from stressing the pants too much from working out or playing basketball or soccer. Like our top pick, they also come in a variety of color combinations, although not as full of a selection compared to Tesla’s line of pants. But if we’re comparing pants, these have more options relative to the other runner-ups I’m going to mention later on. Overall these are a great pickup that is in a similar price range to the top picks. As I said, these are a close second, and you should compare yourself to see what aspects you like more: fiber quality, style, design, etc.

Active Research Women’s Compression Pants


If we had a runner-up for the men’s side, then we should have one for the women’s category. Well, the runner-up award goes to the Active Research Compression Pants. These are a great pickup for someone who is on a budget and doesn’t want to spend too much on the expensive CompressionZ yoga pants. At the time of writing this, they’re sub-$30, and a must get if you’re in the market for an excellent looking pair of yoga pants that can be used as everyday lifestyle pants or for when you’re going to the gym, working out, jogging, or whatever exercise you do. Thanks to the premium quality and design of the pants, it enables a more effective and efficient recovery after a workout. The compression process on the legs will push and force blood to circulate back throughout your body. I’ve found this to be one of the more effective compression pants for women. And of course, the simplistic and sleek black look of the pants will go great for almost any occasion when you go out if you want a pair of high-quality yoga pants.

DRSKIN Compression Baselayer Pants and Tights


Another excellent piece of compression apparel for both men and women to own. I would pick these up for the sheer fact that they’re one of the more comfortable leggings out there for everyday use when I go to class or work, or if I wanted to get a workout in I would grab these as well. The thing that made me not pick this as a top contender is because of sizing mishap. The manufacturer targets these pants for both men and women, and somehow, I chose a women’s size and had some problems. It was tighter than what I would have liked, but those are compression pants for you. I’m also a big fan of the minimalistic design with the lines going in a curve formation on the sides. I think it adds a sense of style to the pants and uniqueness. Just some final words on this product, please make sure to get the right size for yourself and double-check you’re getting it in your respective gender’s sizing standards. That’s all.

HEAD Men’s Compression Pants


This particular pair of compression pants is the best for a weird reason. Hear me out. Let’s say you’re the type that prefers looser compression pants (I know they’re supposed to be tight). Perhaps you don’t like that tightness and feel it’s constricting you too much and want some of the benefits and effects of compression pants. I believe these compression pants are the answer to the dilemma for some people of a “not too tight” piece of compression leggings. The overall design is similar to its competitors with the elastic waistband and then the polyester fiber for the rest of the pants, but what they do differently is allowed some more breathing room between the skin and pant as you go down the legs. It is a little looser which creates that breathable space. So if that sounds like something you’d like, then definitely pick these up. If you weren’t convinced yet, this particular pair of compression pants are on the lower end of the price range compared to its competitors and fellow peers on this list.

Men’s Nike Pro Cool Tight

Nike is one of the big players in sports and athletic apparel in general, but I don’t they were deserving of the top spot for the fact that the price and performance ratio wasn’t as significant to our top picks. Here’s what I mean by that: Nike compression tights/pants are double the prices of the previously mentioned pants (give or take) and the only things that are bumping up that price are the brand name and the 100% polyester fiber, count. Besides that, the functionality, benefits, and effects of the pants are the same. That goes for compression, sweat-wicking, moisture regulation, etc. If you’re a fan of Nike (such as myself) and have the cash, then that’s all you.

2XU Women’s Compression Tights

Another significant piece of compression apparel is the one by 2XU. This company is known for its high-quality design and products. The only gripe that I have is that their products are at the higher end of the price spectrum. Yes, they do indeed deserve a higher price point, but I don’t think it warrants the upwards $50 price tag attached to that. Besides that, I believe they are a nice pair of leggings if you have the capital to spend. The difference with these pants from others is the nylon component. It’s more comfortable to polyester but weaker in other areas such as moisture regulation and sweat-wicking. A person picking these up should expect it to function similarly to previously mentioned compression pants. They preserve the heat in your legs in the winter well, and they’re much more lightweight to they heavy polyester fabric. Also if you’re big on style, then there are some simplistic 2XU branding on the sides with an “X” symbol that looks attractive. I would still recommend some of my top picks over these, but as I said, cater towards those who have more to spend and need something serious for medical or athletic use in recovery.tesla_running

Need Help? Compression Pants Guide

For those who are still having trouble deciding which compression pants to get. Here’s a quick little guide to help you on your way to making that final choice. What factors do you prioritize? These factors could range from comfort, fit, compression level, style, budget, etc. But what you need to figure out is what is most important to you. If you’re looking for comfort I believe the New Men’s Compression Pants do a great job at that while regarding compression I think the Nike Compression Tights are pretty snug but a little more on the expensive side. And if you’re on a budget, then HEAD’s pants are a perfect choice. Do you see this struggle? I listed out several compression pants up above with aspects that differentiate one as better than the other in their respective categories. Once you figure that out, then you will be able to make the proper choice when it comes a piece of compression clothing.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Compression Pants

Always, always double-check sizing. I have reviews for many of these products if you want to check out the sizing guidelines for each of these individual compression pants. Be careful of manufacturers from Asian countries because they’re sizing is off from American and European standards. The general rule of thumb is that if you want a looser fit for any particular pair of pants is to size up, and if you want it tighter, the opposite is exact. With that in mind, I wish you luck on your search for a good piece of compression apparel!