Compression gear is not only for athletes and medical patients, it also has uses that benefit people in everyday life.

Benefits like improved blood circulation, muscle support, decreased muscle fatigue, and even the slimming effects of compression help everyone from professionals to fashion junkies in their daily lives.

Compression Gear for Professionals

While you might think of compression gear as something that only athletes and people with medical conditions can benefit from, you’d be surprised to know that many professionals benefit too.

Nurses, other healthcare professionals, police officers, airline staff, cashiers, teachers, and many others that work on their feet, or even sit at a desk all day, can benefit from compression. 

Check out our guides to see what we’ve found to be the best compression clothing for these professions, whether you’re shopping for your own work, or looking to help out a friend or relative.

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Women’s Fashion

Compression clothing has many uses in women’s fashion, such as creating an overall slimming effect for unwanted bulges or waistline trimming, bust and butt support, and improving blood-flow and boosting thermal activity, all while matching your style.

Check out our guides on the best shape-wear, swimsuits, and other compression clothing to add to your wardrobe.

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What is Compression Gear?

At the most basic level, compression gear is a category of clothing and other accessories designed to fit tightly around the skin. 

Compression gear has a wide variety of applications including, medical, fitness, and personal uses such as fashion and travel, and continues to grow in popularity as athletes, doctors, patients, and regular people find more creative ways to benefit from these products.

Read our What is Compression Gear? article to get a bigger picture of the role compression gear plays in Fitness, Health, Travel, Fashion, how compression works, and what its benefits are.

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