3 Reasons to Switch to Compression Briefs

Man running on a city path

Many people have already made the switch from wearing cotton briefs to compression underwear, while others are still skeptical of the benefits of actually wearing compression briefs. I’m here to put that to rest because I believe it is the switch that would help you out tremendously in your daily life. The one thing you can ask of any underwear is that it is comfortable and does its job of keeping things together while using them. This holding is where converting to a compression style underwear would be a benefit in the long run. Here are some instances where compression briefs will change the way you think about something as simple as underwear.

1. But Compression Underwear is Too Tight


If you’ve had an experience of tight or restricting compression briefs than you probably did one of two things: buying a poorly designed brief or sized incorrectly. Sizing becomes much more critical when it comes to this type of clothing. The right set of briefs should be form-fitting and contour to your body. If they feel constricting on your groin than you most likely sized it wrong. The compression material is made to be stretchy, so a quality pair of underwear in the right size will expand to fit your thighs and waist circumference. It should feel like another layer of skin, and you’ll have that relaxed feeling that it’s supposed to be there. I would recommend checking out our choice of compression underwear for help and guidance on selecting a piece of apparel. Once you get yourself a pair of compression briefs that you can be content with, it will feel seamless wearing it throughout the day.

2. Compression Briefs Don’t Soak Up Your Sweat


The single most important reason I believe should be changing up your wardrobe is because of the passive benefits a simple switch gives you. If you find yourself running, working out, or just sweating a lot, then you’ve experienced the uncomfortableness of sticky underwear. It’s not a beautiful thing to be wearing throughout the day before you can change at home. Here’s where compression briefs will come in to save the day. If you aren’t familiar with the material or fabric of compression gear, they have the natural ability to wick away sweat. This wicking keeps you dry and prevents a buildup of sweat around your crotch area. After years of playing pickup basketball games and practices, I made the switch and loved that feeling of being able to play without the restriction of bunched up underwear. I haven’t looked back since. It’s such a nice feeling of playing a sport and not having your underwear stick to you and having that smell. And on that note, it also helps regulate the odor. With the sweat being wicked away, it also removes the stench and smell that would have stuck with you for the day.

3. Simple, Convenient Recovery


Another reason to even think about compression briefs is obviously for the compression aspect it provides. You may associate compression apparel with a boost in performance in the gym, but one of the main reasons gym-goers and the like have switched to compression apparel is because it provides recovery after a workout or activity. Wearing these briefs will apply pressure, stimulate muscle recovery, and allow for blood to be continuously pumping to help prevent soreness and any aches or pains such as edema. In the case of underwear, it will mainly apply compartmental compression, which is essentially just tightness to the thighs area. So if you were working out ham and glutes, compression briefs would help reduce soreness and speed up the recovery process. Or if you found yourself walking, standing, or moving throughout the day and started to feel some pain, then wearing a pair of compression briefs may help combat it compared to cotton variants. You could be wearing them to work or when you’re just relaxing at home. It will passively help you recover by just wearing them.